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We're advancing artificial intelligence for social good and creating an inclusive future for all.  

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Bridging the Digital Divide:

Ensuring inclusive access to AI technology and comprehensive education programs, we enable digital engagement and equal technological opportunities for individuals of all ages. Our dedication lies in creating a community where technological literacy and innovation are accessible to everyone.

Advancing Equitable Technologies:

By collaborating with the technology industry and academic researchers, we design AI applications and technologies that focus on generating social benefits. Our efforts ensure equitable access and use, fostering a more inclusive future in tech.

Cultivating Pathways in the Tech Sector:

We are committed to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion in technology. Through collaborative educational programs and mentorship, we aim to create accessible tech opportunities for aspiring individuals from varied backgrounds. We aim to nurture a future of inclusivity and innovation in the sector.

Why we're doing this..

Born from the collective vision of the founders of Garfield Neighbors, the AI Social Impact Lab was founded to ensure no one is left behind in the AI revolution. 

This grassroots movement quickly transformed into action. The Lab, a fusion of local educators, activists, tech enthusiasts, and civic leaders, emerged with a clear mission: democratize AI and make it a tool for societal good for all. 

From humble beginnings in community centers to impactful collaborations, the Lab has become a hub of innovation and education. Today, it is a testament to community-driven change and a beacon for inclusive technology, guiding the Garfield community and beyond into an empowered AI-enabled future.


Left-to-Right: Pawel Maslag, Brenda Robles, Raymond Rivas, Laura Camarena, Christopher Shupenko, Nicole Encalada, Selena McCracken

How you can help us..


Technology Donations: Contribute hardware and software essential for AI learning and application, especially for under-resourced areas.

Infrastructure Support:

Assist in setting up or enhancing digital learning centers with high-speed internet and modern equipment.

Program Sponsorship:

Fund initiatives aimed at expanding digital literacy and AI education in underserved communities.


Curriculum Development:

Work with us to develop engaging and accessible AI learning materials and courses.

Guest Lectures and Workshops: Share your expertise by conducting special sessions, workshops, or mentorship programs.

Internships and Training Programs:

Provide practical learning opportunities for students and community members through internships or training programs at your organization.


Joint Research and Development:

Collaborate on research projects to develop AI solutions that address specific social challenges.

Pilot Programs:

Pilot your AI technologies in a real-world community setting, gaining valuable insights and feedback.

Resource Sharing:

Share technical resources, expertise, or data sets that can aid in the development of socially impactful AI applications.

Our Partners..

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Garfield Public Library

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Garfield Boys and Girls Club

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Bergen County

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